The client is responsible for...

  • Supplying text that is without mistakes. 
  • Ensuring that any supplied images do not conflict with copyright laws. 
  • Checking PDF proofs for text errors or incorrect images. Making sure any legally required terms & conditions are included and correct. 
The client (unless designed by us) is responsible for...
  • Checking printer proofs (PDF or printed) for artwork issues.
  • Setting up artwork so text is legible.
  • Using images at a high enough resolution (usually 300dpi), unless stated and clarified with client and agreed upon.
  • Supplying artwork to the printer in an appropriate format (normally a PDF).
  • Supplying artwork with crop marks and sufficient bleed (normally 3mm).
  • Ensuring spot colours are set up correctly in the artwork where necessary. Understanding that certain papers produce different results. For example, the designer should communicate with the client that colours will look less vibrant on uncoated paper.
  • Making sure text isn't too small especially if using more than one ink.
  • Ensuring 100% black is used instead of rich black where appropriate, and vice versa.
  • Ensuring that artwork is set up with clear fold marks and die lines where necessary (speak to printer if unsure).
  • Creating a design that does not depend on millimetre perfect trimming or registration. Specifying what the print job involves (type of paper, number of colours, size, etc.).

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